One Giant Leap Foundation, Inc./The Space Show Current Projects:

The follow special projects are now being funded on behalf of the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF)/The Space Show. If you are interested in funding all or part of any of these projects, please contact Dr. Livingston for more specific details.

Sponsorship opportunities: Opportunities to become a OGLF/Space Show sponsor are available. All sponsors are listed on the sponsor OGLF web page and depending on their level of sponsorship, can have their message announced on a particular program, a series of programs, or all programs.OGLF/Space Show sponsorships start at $5,000 per year.

  1. Webcast symposium/panel and selected guest interviews concerning key space development issues and topics.  To implement this new broadcasting programming, select hardware, software, website changes, and engineering services are needed. If you are interested in participating in this funding project or sponsoring it, please contact Dr. Livingston.

  2. Space Show/OGLF integrated multi-media website and hosting services. The Space Show website will be modernized with integrated data searches for guests, programs, and more. Videos archives from Space Show webcast programming will be available and existing Space Show audio programming will be classified by year as well as guest. This new website will also serve as a space industry educational outreach tool. Modernizing the website is an essential part of new programming being implemented for The Space Show. If you are interested in participating or sponsoring this project, please contact Dr. Livingston.

  3. The Space Show/OGLF gifts. Gifts/contributions of all size are welcome and deeply appreciated. The Space Show is an expensive program to produce and like all businesses, it incurs overhead, salaries, direct and indirect expenses. The program cannot survive without your financial support. For more information about making a gift to The Space Show/OGLF or for sponsorship information, please contact Dr. Livingston.

Please contact me if you have an interest in any of these projects or want more information,

Thank you.

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