Advisory Board Membership Requirements and Expectations

The Advisory Board helps The Space Show grow and develop. To that end, it seeks people actively engaged with the show, and creates an ongoing conversation with them about the show's needs. Members are sought who:

•           Take part in shows with questions, comments, guest suggestions, programming ideas and feedback.
•           Are regular listeners, thus having a sense of the ongoing discussions that occur through it, and what matters to its audience.
•           Have a broad interest in space and the space industry. The Space Show covers all topics and perspectives so members need to see the big picture of how it serves the whole community.
•           Have demonstrated a commitment to The Space Show via a minimum $100 annual donation.

The members of the Advisory Board shall be shown here once the reconstituted board has been assembled. The conduct of Board business is informal and ongoing to allow flexibility in participation and timely action. There are no anticipated formal or informal group meetings.  Advisory Board members will have regular and frequent contact with Dr. Livingston.

To apply for membership, please contact Dr. Livingston at or

Thank you


Advisory Board Members

Dr. Haym Benaroya Dr. Haym Benaroya: Haym Benaroya is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University. He is internationally recognized for lunar structures engineering.
Bill Gowan Bill Gowan: Bill Gowan is an electrical and systems engineer and a project manager currently leading the development of complex medical devices. He frequently advocates for NASA in the US Congress with the Space Exploration Alliance, attends industry conferences, and is a long-time listener to the show. He tweets on space topics @thishominid
John Hunt John Hunt: John Hunt is a mathematician, operations analyst, systems engineer, proposal analyst, and generalist.
Dave Huntsman Dave Huntsman: Dave Huntsman has been at NASA over 40+ years, 9 of them as a Senior Executive; ranging from Space Shuttle mission controller & Program Integration Manager to responsible for international space station design and engineering at NASA Headquarters during the early design years. He currently works for the NASA Glenn Research Center Chief Technology Officer on ‘all of the above’ subjects, including commercial space partnerships, advanced space technology development, & economic development issues
John Jossy John Jossy: John earned a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Science with a minor in Astronomy from UC Berkeley in 1980. He is and amateur astronomer, Senior Associate of the Space Studies Institute and lifetime member of Icarus Interstellar. He is currently Director of Corporate Quality Systems at a leading orthodontic medical device company which has the largest 3D printing operation in the world.
Rick Kwan Rick Kwan: Rick Kwan is part computer scientist, part aerospace technologist. He started his career in the Los Angeles aerospace industry, but later migrated to Silicon Valley, where he worked in large computer companies and small startups, and now advises a few aerospace entrepreneurs working on drones and small launch vehicles. He active with AIAA and a couple of Silicon Valley non-profits.
Michael Listner Michael Listner: Michael is an attorney and the founder and principal of Space Law and Policy Solutions, a think tank and consultation firm that concentrates on legal and policy matters relating to national security, outer space security, industry and development. Michael is the author and editor of the space law and policy briefing letter, The Précis.”
Jay Wittner Jeffrey L. Smith, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer.
Jay Wittner Jay Wittner: Mr. Wittner is President of Integrated Space Analytics, the firm behind the Integrated Space Plan (ISP). The ISP is the most detailed long-term projection of our future in space available. Wittner has also served four terms on the National Space Society Board of Directors.
Robert Zimmerman Robert (Bob) Zimmerman: Robert Zimmerman is a noted award-winning space historian and science journalist whose histories of the space age's first half century will become the prime documentation of that time period for ages to come. He is also a cave explorer who has had the privilege, like astronauts, to go where no one has gone before.


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