Dear Space Show Supporters:

When you purchase books and other items through the below Amazon button link, Amazon will make a donation to The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF).  It is very easy to use.  Just click on the Amazon category for your purchase such a books, Kindle, electronics, etc. By dong so, Amazon will now code all the purchases you make to the OGLF account for up to a 10% donation of the purchase cost.  When the Amazon page of choice opens up, log into your Amazon account as you would ordinarily do.  The Amazon log on is in the upper right hand corner.  By logging on to your Amazon account, you shipping address, credit card information, and specific Amazon choices/priorities will be available to you. OGLF has no access to this information.

Thank you for supporting The Space Show/OGLF through your Amazon book and product purchases.  Your support is very much appreciated.  Don't hesitate to email me with any questions you might have about the Amazon Affiliates Program for nonprofits.


Dr. David Livingston


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